This product comes from the infamous opal mines of Lightening Ridge and is available in two sizes, one is an 8 oz size and the other is up to 1 lb size.

Opal Paydirt

Aussie Nugget (6.83 grams)

CUSTOM Paydirt

Tommy Knocker's custom paydirt is built upon YOUR specifications. All of our bags are processed upon order following specific customer requests. There is a solid mix of gold nuggets with various sizes.

If you need a very custom request, click the "Custom QUOTE" button below.

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Spongy Crystalline

Crystalline Gold

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Top Quality Paydirt

100% CUSTOM Premium Pay dirt

Tommy Knockers is a gold, silver, and pay dirt exchange site. We discuss, sell, buy, and trade all precious metals, minerals, and pay dirt.  100% Custom, 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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